Sunday, September 18, 2016

Da Boyz Are Back in Town - After a Long Absence

We haven't blogged in a long time - not for lack of fun experiences, but rather life got in the way.  After a lengthy illness, Grandma went to that "Big Polka Party" in the sky and is probably gorging daily on pierogies, kielbasi, bigos, and golabli
There are no calories in Heaven. 
Mom still misses those monthly sojourns to Northern California to visit her.  She had become quite the expert in airline travel.
We love and will never forget you, Grandma !  
You are always in our hearts.

Mom's eyes are finally functioning (a long story) and she was glad that she had saved her blogger drafts while she was able to see.

Ollie and I are getting on in years.  I'll be 11 years young on December 24. 2016 and he'll be 8 years on November 1, 2016.
We still prance, run and play with the energy of young dogs,
 but we display the grace and manners of maturity (???).

Here's our beginning story after 3+ years . . .

Ollie and I were finally settled in Mission Viejo, California 
(May 28, 2013) and  we had gotten bored with just hanging around the house, going to the dog park and the beach.
 Ollie decided to open his own restaurant.  Since his finances left a lot to be desired, he had to get a partner. I repeatedly told him not to spend so much money on snacks, treats and toys, 
but he turned a deaf ear.

Being financially savvy, I've accumulated a great deal of wealth over the years and thought I would be the natural one 
to partner with him.

So much for family loyalty.   In Ladera Ranch, California,  he teamed up with another canine named Jax and they opened . . .

Not to be outdone, I opened my own restaurant in Newport Beach and I naturally called it "Cappy's Cafe".
It's a fun and very laid-back place and caters
 mainly to the beach crowd.
Everyone flirts with me - consciously or unconsciously. 
 That's to be expected.  I have a good rapport with everyone.
Mom wanted to apply for several positions at both eating establishments.    Head Chef?  A resounding NO !!! from both of us.    She would need her own eatery named  "Microwave Marcy's".  Waitress was not a possibility.  She would be sampling food from each diner's plate after she had served them.   Hostess was vetoed also. Mom would be more than willing to accept bribes from patrons for a choice table.

Sad to say, Ollie and Jax had to close the restaurant. Between the two owner/managers, all the profits had been gobbled up.  Not surprising, Jax is a big boy and his appetite rivaled Ollie's.

 Their restaurant went into foreclosure and a new restaurant opened with a different name:

Always the optimist, Ollie found another line of work in which he (had) excelled. He was fortunate to find a position as a consultant with Jacuzzi in-ground spas.  He is pictured here with his supervisor.  He had been royally compensated, but was eventually terminated.  He finally realized that chasing butterflies and lizards and snoozing in the sun  is not the making of a good employee when there is serious spa work to be done.
Since that positi0n didn't come to fruition, Ollie discover another avenue of employment.

While surfing through the Bed, Bath and Beyond online catalog, Ollie discovered . . .

He was so ecstatic when he saw the Ruby Cavalier.  "Hey," he exclaimed.  "I can do that and I'm a lot better looking.  I wonder if I'd get to catch some Zzzzzs  on the bed after the photo shoot was done?"

Then he found a mini me look-alike and decided that I should become a model also.

I'm getting too old for that nonsense.   My Cafe keeps me busy as well as my 24/7 position as Director of Knowledge Management and Head of Security at home.

 I had to make the executive decision for both of us.  Ollie and I should continue to be mattress/pillow testers at home.  It's a cushy  job, no monetary compensation, but our Housekeeping Staff (Marcy and Tom) are generous with  an abundance of love and caring, good food (the best is when Dad cooks), great treats, a lot of walks and trips to the beach and parks.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Cappy BARKDAY to Our *Dada*

Cappy BARKday to our *Dada*
When our Dad was born, he weighed less than 8 pounds.  He couldn't walk or talk.  He couldn't drink from a cup or chew solid food.  He cried a lot too.  But he overcame the odds and conquered all those things. . . and became the Best Dog Father any canine would ever dream of having. 

We wish that we could take credit for this poem. We found it online and it expresses our sentiments exactly.  We're reprinting it from a previous post.

Happy Birthday

with Love from Da Boyz

You feed us when we’re hungry,
You keep water in our dish,
You let us sleep on anything,
Or in any place we wish.
You sometimes let us lick your hands,
Or even lick your face,
Despite the fact we've licked ourselves,
In every private place.
You taught us how to come when called,
You taught us how to sit,
You always let us go outside,
So we can take a sh... Stroll.
You'll always have our loyalty,
Up to the very end,
'Cause after all, it's plain to see...
You are a dog's best friend!

He's a New Jersey Legend himself.
We wait patiently for
                      him to return . . .                          
And are always excited when we see his face.
 He always has time for us.

Here's the present we're planning to give him.  He can be assured of our whereabouts at all time.

Hey, it's a little bit pricey, but he's worth it. 
(Click on the picture for an enlarged view.)

Happy Barkday to our Dada extraordinaire !

With lots of love, doggie kisses, (snorts from Ollie),
barks and yips . . .
Da Boyz,
Cappy and Ollie

Thursday, February 13, 2014

*Cappy* Valentine's Day


We hope that you have a fun-filled day filled
with hugs, kisses, treats
and lots of LOVE !

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

"Cappy" Holidays to Everyone !

May beautiful moments and happy memories surround you with joy this Holiday Season.
Cappy and Ollie
Their Loyal Housekeeping Staff,
Marcy and Tom
Merry Christmas
And to all . . . A Good Night.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day To Our Mom

From Ollie and me, here is a 
Mother's Day tribute 
to our Mom.
Even as a baby, it was obvious that she had always 
belonged to the *Clean Plate Club*.

She is still the *Little Chubbs*

Here's everything you didn't know about Marcy and really didn't care to know,  but anyway  ~~~ here it  goes:
She epitomizes the phrase "A body in motion tends to stay in motion."  Isaac Newton 's First  Law of Motion.
She never sits still.
She is a supreme clutterer.  Think Oscar Madison  and the Collyer Brothers

The last words that she ever wants to hear is when Dad says, “We have to get rid of some stuff.” Or, "We have to clean out the garage."  At that point, there's a good possibility that she might go into cardiogenic shock.   
 Always wanted to be a flight attendant (as in the short-lived series, Pan Am on ABC) but she couldn't meet the height requirements. She's too petite - short (as in *fun size*). 
  5' nothing, but strong as a Polish bull.
She has  been married to our Dad (who has survived with grace and a lot of patience) for 38 years.  
Pope Benedict XVI and  Pope Francis I have nominated him
 for Sainthood and he had received the (Marriage) Purple Heart for their 25th Anniversary.
She's a cheap date and is by no means a gastronome  Dinner at Costco ($1.50 for a hot dog and a soft drink) is just as appealing as dining at Gary Danko's Restaurant
in San Francisco.  
Enough said. No refined palate here.

Her cooking leaves a lot to be desired.  When she freezes leftovers for my sister, Jessica, Mom thoughtfully attaches a Prilosec tablet to the meal with a warning.  "Take the Prilosec, or eat this at your own risk."
LOVES to do laundry, ironing and mending and delights in de-fuzzing sweaters.    Seriously --  Leave your pants at the door. (Or to Jessica, "Give me your laundry and no one gets hurt.")
Regretfully, she had to trade in her beloved 1999 Buick Century  (aka the *Hoopty*) with 46  K miles. It was otherwise known as the *Rolling Dumpster* and *Postal Annex*.  She absolutely loved that car, but it was slowly falling apart.  Upon the advice of a trusted mechanic,  she finally realized that it would never make the drive to Southern California without having 
extensive, expensive repairs.

An ideal day for her would be to eat, read, watch crap TV, snack, nap, crochet and check out blogs.  Mom would certainly be a *Happy Camper* in a retirement home.  

She is an honorary member of  the yarn SABLE group, Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy.
This is only part of her stash - the part that Dad is aware of.

Favorite vocal artists:
 Adam Lambert, Barry Manilow, and Frank Sinatra
   Strange assortment - go figure.

Absolute all time favorite song:  Trashy Women (Confederate Railroad)
 . . . and (of course),  Who Let the Dogs Out? 
In her declining years, she has become a little less outrageous, 
but is still *The Marcy*.
She would love to have the bouffant hairstyles of the 60s and 70s back in style.  ("Hey Mom, you still look like that!")

Does Preventative Worrying and always has Plan B and a  hard copy of EVERYTHING.
Mom and I (Cappy) are Capricorns. We're both short, obstinate, ornery, VERY vocal,  bold, temperamental, suspicious of everyone and everything.  We do not understand the meaning of ‘obedience’ and always like to get our  own way.
We're both very apprehensive to venture outside of our comfort zones.  We don't  think outside of the box.  
We'd rather stay INSIDE  THE BOX.

Mom and I also share positive attributes.   We’re both: agile, petite and highly intelligent. We have great legs, do not smell (American Eskimo dogs do not have the *doggie smell*),  have a cuteness overload and love to nap and eat.

When something is written through the mind and eyes of a dog, it is called  Anthropomorphism
This post has been written written by Cappy 
and his partner-in-crime, Ollie.
Note from Marcy:  I thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with Cappy and Ollie on this post. They have both taught me so much about life and love and 
what is really important in this world

I don't think of Da Boyz as dogs, but rather as *little people in furry suits*.

I seem so normal when you first meet me. 

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers and Grandmothers of
the canine, feline and human variety.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

We're HOMELESS !!!

We have been homeless since March 20th. Our pawents had put our house up for sale again 
and this time it sold.

All of our things are in storage and we have been staying at a Marriott Residence Inn in Southern California.

We  FINALLY did find a house after weeks of searching. 
The closing is around May 28th which means more time to enjoy the amenities of the Marriott.
Surprisingly, we're all getting along within the confines of a 494 square feet studio suite.
Mom, who prefers not to go out of her comfort zone and likes to NOT venture *outside the box*,  is adapting rather well and will soon be putting down a welcome mat, buying houseplants and hanging a wreath on the door of room 712
for the remainder of our days here.

Upon arriving at the Marriott, Ollie and I immediately made ourselves at home.

Besides looking at houses and still more houses,
 we've been thoroughly enjoying ourselves. 
There was a new Bark Park to explore . . .
Laguna Beach

Petco  We really felt at home there.

Hanging out at the pool . . .

Eating at pet-friendly restaurants . . .

Of course, life hasn't been all fun.  Ollie and I have been diligent in our guard duties and it has been
 positively exhausting.

Finally . . . welcome rest for he weary.

Up until a few days ago, the "free" internet had
 left a lot to be desired.  Mom became exceedingly frustrated trying to log on.  Connections were constantly being *timed out*.  Pictures were impossible to upload.  She was immediately thrown off from websites whenever a connection was made. It was akin to the eternal waiting with the old AOL dial-up.
A lack of technical savvy on Mom's part undoubtedly was a 
contributing factor. We're now up and running and hoping for better days.