Saturday, May 13, 2017

Happy Mother's Day to our Mom

We had done a blog extolling her virtues in May of 2012,
but since then she has added so many achievements and successful undertakings to her her life, that it would
drive me to utter exhaustion just to list them all.

Instead, I'm  going to post some of her favorite pictures, sayings and beliefs.

My favorite as well:

Ollie and Mom like this one:

. . .   And she does . . . 

. . . AND can mentally formulate disaster Plans A, B, and C in a nanosecond !

This COULD be Mom, blonde hair, favorite color outfit.  HOWEVER, I seriously doubt if she could get her legs in that position.   . . . and if she's EVER had a waist that small.

Not only does Mom carry an enormous purse, on occasion she has been known to take along a "spill-over" bag for essentials that won't fit into the purse. This is not counting her yarn bag filled with several projects.  Dad often remarks that she looks like a "pack mule."

The most logical Rx for that is to have another MULTIPLE projects going at the same time so you can just dig out another bag, hope you still have the instructions and the correct crochet hook ~~ and carry on . . .

Mom doesn't have to sneak yarn in.  Skeins of yarn are undoubtedly hiding in the trunk of her car, which she has managed to turn into a "rolling dumpster" just like her favorite 1999 Buick Century.
Dada, who consistently maintains his Maserati in pristine condition, must absolutely cringe when he (on occasion) has to move it.  Mom says that her propensity for clutter and mess is a result of genes from her father's side of the family.

Mom does a very unique crochet thing, She makes
RUFFlezfor canines.
 Compliments and kudos to my sister Jessica's for her great photography.

. . . And that's why . . .
Trust me, Ollie and I have seen "nothing in action" many days.

Seriously, don't mess with her. 

Enough said.  Blessed be.  No jewelry, flowers or candy for our Mom.  She asked for a
stun gun/flashlight. We live in coyote territory and Ollie and I need protection when we go on walks.  However, I think she'll have to settle for a garden flag (second choice).

I think that they're all Politicians.

The all-time favorite:

Favorite Commandment,  "Love thy neighbor, but DON'T GET CAUGHT."

Thank goodness Ollie and I haven't seen that level of crazy yet.  Mom ALWAYS makes sure that
 NO ONE messes with us !

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers and Grandmothers of
the canine, feline and human variety.