Friday, August 6, 2010

We're going to Be UNCLES !!!

Great news !!! My sister Lauren is having a baby boy in November and that officially makes us Uncles -  Uncle Cappy and Uncle Ollie - we like the sound of that. Our nephew is due around the beginning of November - a great month.  Jessica's birthday is November 3rd and Ollie's barkday is November 1st.

Here we are with our sisters, Jessica and Lauren.

Here's  Lauren and Mom (Granny) with our nephew hiding underneath the grey top.

For the most part, we've been deadbeat bloggers this summer because our Assistant has been spending way too much time in airports and in Babies R Us. Our days follow the usual pattern ~~ playing, eating, napping and  trips to the dog park in the evening when the temperature is cooler.  I'm always placing bets on the races and barking encouragement to my horses.

Ollie still excels in testing out crochet projects . . .

But this is what we do best . . .

We  are going to be bachelor boys again next week.  Mom is flying  to the East Coast to bring our 90 year old Grandma back with her to live with us.  It should be interesting  ~~ Grandma isn't overly fond of animals and she has no idea that there's going to be 2 dogs in the house.   The entire house has been overturned to create a bedroom/living room suite for her downstairs.  Ollie and I have already tried out the bed and I told him not to leave any *surprises* in her room.

I hope he  doesn't give a welcome pee on her leg when he meets her.

Have a great  weekend everyone !!!