Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gone Fishin'

I won't be posting for a while.  My Assistant/Chief Camera Person will be in New Jersey with Grandma and then she'll go on to Michigan to see my sister after the July 4th Holiday.  Ollie and I will have two weeks to enjoy a *bachelor pad* with Dad.  He even set up the computer for me so I can check out the other blogs and make comments.

My nephew, CassaNOVA will be taking over my blog along with my niece, Sadie Mae when Mom gets to Michigan. Nova will probably use my blog do a little PR for Michigan Tourism.  I'd better not be embarrassed by the dribble that they write  They're frisky party animals. No pun intended. 
Nova is a Border Collie mix and Sadie Mae is a Heinz 57 rescue dog.
Mom says that they're great dogs ~~ naturally she'd say that ~~ she's their Grandmother.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cappy Father's Day

We wish that we could take credit for this poem. We found it online and it expresses our sentiments exactly.

Happy Father's Day to Dada

with Love from Da Boyz

You feed us when we’re hungry,
You keep water in our dish,
You let us sleep on anything,
Or in any place we wish.
You sometimes let us lick your hands,
Or even lick your face,
Despite the fact we've licked ourselves,
In every private place.
You taught us how to come when called,
You taught us how to sit,
You always let us go outside,
So we can take a sh... Stroll
You'll always have our loyalty,
Up to the very end,
'Cause after all, it's plain to see...
You are a dog's best friend!

We won't be spending the day with him because he's in New York and then on to New Jersey to see his Dad.  But since he checks our blog religiously, he's sure to know that we're thinking about him and love him very much.

Ollie and I saved our allowance (or rather I saved my money - Ollie spent his on dog treats  ~~  for himself) and got Dad these gifts to help him with  his gourmet cooking endeavors.  It'll be a surprise for him when he returns home.

Besides being an Epicure,

He's also a savvy  upscale shopper . . .

A Car Aficianado


The Best Dad to two wonderful Furkids.

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads
of human and furkids.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I Want Fat ~~~ AND PLENTY OF IT !!!

We have now joined the ranks of other canines who eat that *chow*  in a can and the dry morsels in a bag..
We're eating food made especially for dogs and it's all Ollie's fault.

Since the pet food scare in April of 2007, Mom has been cooking for me and I had always been given a clean bill of health.  Ollie came along eating his Natural Balance and  decided that he liked my homemade delicacies better.  So, it was home-cooked meals for two furkids.

Last week, Ollie got really sick. The blood test revealed that he had pancreatitis and the doctor recommended rather firmly that it would be beneficial for BOTH of us if we stopped eating the
homemade meals ~~~ too much fat in our diets.

Here's  picture of Ollie at the doctor's office.  He doesn't look sick to me.  He's finishing up his medication, feels a lot better and has to get another blood test in two weeks.   Mom still has to feed us separately.  Ollie always checks to see what's on MY plate and tries to finish it first, and then eats his own serving.  What's his is his and what's mine is his too ~~~ or so he thinks.

We did some research and discovered  that the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is one of  four canine breeds found to have an increased risk for chronic pancreatitis. The other breeds are the Cocker Spaniels, Collies, and Boxers.

This is the food which is now being served.

Here is a rare picture of me eating dry dog  food from a plate. I  prefer eating the dry straight off the floor. It must be the dust ball flavoring.
I think I'm adapting  to a different diet better than I ever expected. Ollie, of course, eats anything. The Natural Balance chicken is actually better than Mom's cuisine.

Speaking of slop . . .

We got this picture from Tegan's blog.  Mom absolutely adores Paula Deen recipes despite the fact that
 they're a cardiologist's nightmare. (A pound of butter, 5 cups of heavy cream, 2 cups of sugar . . .)

Here's a recent picture of us.  I'm laughing at Ollie's girly pink bandage.