Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cappy HOWLoween

Halloween has always been a special holiday in our house.  My younger sister, Jessica was a scheduled C-Section and she was supposed to be born on October 28th.  Mom told the doctor that she couldn't be "available" until after Halloween because Dad was not the type to take Lauren (who was 4 years at the time) all over the neighborhood to trick-or-treat. 

The doctor said that it was the most ridiculous thing he ever heard, but Mom stood her ground and Jessica was born on November 3rd. According to Mom, she and Lauren made the rounds for 2 hours and hit just about every house in the neighborhood --- and then some.

I think that greedy Mom just wanted all the candy. She was dressed as a pumpkin and more than filled out the costume.

November is a great month for birthdays, Ollie ~ 11/1, Lorenza ~ 11/2 and Jessica ~ 11/3 and our nephew is due sometime in November.   


These are our pumpkins.  I'm the scowling one (hehe) and Ollie is the happy face.

Here is the pièce de résistance:
Ollie and I are *Candy Corns* and HE had to tolerate the silly hat (but not for long). 

I was really annoyed that I had to wear that dopey poncho and wouldn't let Mom near me to tie the strings.

Here is a front and back view of our costumes.  It's raining today and I'm hoping that the Dog Park will be really muddy on Sunday so we don't have to parade around looking like idiots.

Happy Halloween Everyone !!! 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Dad took a vacation day and was attempting to assemble his workbench in the garage  He said that he needed a workbench because he had to "cut a piece of wood".   Yeah, right !!!  

Ollie and I decided that he needed a LOT of help, so we stepped in to supervise and to add our expertise.

Click on this picture to enlarge it and you'll learn the proper way to hold a screwdriver.

Notice our *laser eyes* and heads full of knowledge.
After all of  our suggestions, barking, yipping and yapping,  Dad determined that he needed solo concentration ~~ and so we were banished to the confines of the house.

Do these look like happy faces?

Apparently the Deities decided that Dad did need help and he received it in the form of two stray dogs who trotted into the garage. 

Helpless Dad called Mom  who took charge of the situation.  After establishing  that the two canines were friendly, she was able to read the tags on the collars and left  a voice mail for the owner who responded about 15 minutes later.  

The dogs' pawrent was shopping  in the next town about 45 minutes away and she still had to pick up her son from school.  The family only lived a block away and it was baffling  how the two escape artists were able to get out of a securely fenced-in yard.

The dogs, Allie and Luna  stayed with us for about an hour and a half and Mom was in doggie heaven.  New dogs to spoil.


Allie and Luna together. Allie is the black Lab and we're not sure of Luna's breed.  Gracious hostess that she is, Mom provided water and wholesome doggie treats for the unexpected guests.

Here's Mom and Allie . . .
Allie and Luna were finally reunited with their frantic and grateful family and we were rewarded with a lot of treats for sharing our family with them.  It wasn't easy on MY part - Ollie was more accepting.
Note to Mom - Please don't even THINK about establishing a Doggie Day Care Center.

For some inexplicable reason, in order to get to the *comment section*, a lot of down-scrolling is necessary. ???

Monday, October 18, 2010

Mom's Addiction

Mom has a serious problem.  She's addicted to mailing packages, and to say that she absolutely LOVES doing it is an understatement.  (She should apply for a position in a Shipping Department instead of merely settling for her status as a *Trophy Wife*.) This condition has been ongoing for a while.  It started when my sister Jessica went to Cal.  Mom was afraid that she would starve to death,  so she started sending her goodies and *stuff* ~~ every week.

Jessica played on the Cal softball team for four years and if my pawrents weren't able to make a game, Mom sent snacks  (a LOT of snacks) for the team to the hotel where they were staying. She had the timing perfected, so they always received the packages during their stay. 

Sorry to say, but I think that Mom is one can short of a six-pack.

Now, after the 6th package for my nephew, (and he's not even born yet), here's yet another one.  The Gerber line of products were on sale and they were calling Mom's name.
 USPS has flat rate mailing boxes and a lot of things can fit into  their large box.  Postage-wise, Mom wanted to get more bang for the buck, so she added extras like boxes of See's Halloween candy, along with toothbrushes and toothpaste for Lauren and Dave in Michigan. Of course my canine nephew and niece, Nova and Sadie couldn't be left out,  so there's also dog treats in the box.   Magazines add extra weight, so they were included also.

Here I am, inspecting the package.  

Okay, it's good to go.

There's only one serious problem.  That postage money could have been better spent on me and Ollie.

Waaaaaah !!! 


Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Dog Park Day

FINALLY . . . Northern California received cooler temperatures and off we went to the Dog Park.
Ollie insisted on helping Dad drive, while I sat 
politely on Mom's lap.

Here we are, raring to go . . .
Surprisingly, the small dog section was practically deserted.
There was a Maltese with pink bows leaving as we arrived. Ollie really gave her the once over. He soon found another female. Fickle Ollie.  Here she is, kissing up to him.  (Nice butt shot of that Pug, Mom)

Since I'm a little rambunctious and very intimidating to other well-behaved dogs, I'm under the close supervision of Dad when we're in the park.

As we were ready to leave, we heard a cacophony of shrill snarling and growling.  Lo and behold, there was a shaved version of a mini-me who was barking his head off at the people and dogs walking by.  Not to be outdone, I joined in with my own bellowing and the entire park was treated to a clamoring Eskie Barkfest.   Mom managed to get a picture of the Eskie. Notice how he's eying her suspiciously.  
That's MY look.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.