Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mom Left Us for Another Man - - - I am in Therapy - - -and Other Happenings

We are serious contenders for the Deadbeat Blogger of the Year Award.  Of course, it's not OUR fault.

Mom is finally home - she had left us for another man -- our nephew, Cayden. 
She had gone to Michigan for a (LONG) while to visit with our sister Lauren and the family.

When Mom travels, she's very serious about getting more "bang for the airline buck" -- no weekend jaunts for her.

I have to admit that the kid IS cute, but he would certainly look better if he had  a *doggie face*.
Mom took him to the Dollar Tree and attempted to teach him  the benefits of thrifty shopping.

Our sister, Jessica managed to take time out from her
busy schedule and join everyone for a weekend.

Our nephew, Nova was more than willing to check out  a crochet project.
He's a lot like Ollie in that respect.

Upon arriving home, Mom was greeted to the sight of a new front door.  She was glad that she was away when the installation took place.

She had seen this door in Lowes and thought that it was a real hoot -- worthy of a picture.  Dad vetoed the idea and I'm sure that the HOA and the neighbors would have something to say if that was the chosen door.
The little window with the bars almost invites you to say, "Who goes there?  State your business."

Dad always makes changes to the house (and to anything else that he thinks of) when she travels. Now she's afraid to leave home again for fear that Dad will have a boat parked in the driveway ~~ or worse yet, replace her old Hoopty with a new car.

All that vacation came with a price -- Dad had scheduled the painters to arrive when she was back in California, so she had to tolerate a house in upheaval. (Actually she thrives in chaos.  It was once suggested that she join Clutters Anonymous.)

We were sequestered upstairs in the bedroom . . .
These are NOT happy faces.
Dad took pity on us and we went to the Dog Park -- a lot.

Here are the *Before and After* Pictures:
Family Room


Living Room

The best news of all is that I am in *Doggie Therapy*.  My pawrents decided that I really needed some help with my fear aggression and ferocious behavior.

They referred me to Chad Culp, who is indeed the Dog Whisperer of Northern California.

Chad is a great trainer !!!  He wouldn't let me get away with ANYTHING.   The laugh was on Mom - he had to train HER how to be a better pet owner.  From my point of view, she and Dad were the subordinates and I dominated the entire household.  Now Mom has to learn how to be more assertive, assume the controlling role and realize that I am a dog.   
(I am ???)  That change will be hard because she's such a push-over when it comes to Ollie and me.

We went to Starbucks where I sat like a normal dog and actually let people pass by and look at me without getting ballistic.

At another session, we all went to the dog park where I was free to roam off leash and and exhibited exemplary  behavior
in both the small AND large sections.  A first for me.  I'm probably not ready for a trip to San Francisco, but I'm getting there.

Chad is having a class in July and I'm planning to attend.
Mom needs more training.

Now Ollie and I have tons of blog readings to catch up with.  We've been away too long. 

It's good to be back.