Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rainy Week

This is what we did most of the week  ~~  we looked out the window and hoped that the rain had stopped.
What sad faces !!

We also played . . . (That's one of the "Chickie Brothers".)

Oliver *helped* with a crochet project . . .

I placed a few online bets on the races . . .

When we weren't checking out the weather, we spent most of our time here ~~  a heated mattress pad makes a great bed warmer.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Blog Inspiration

These pictures served as the catalyst for the startup of my blog. My Barkday is on December 24th and every year, amid the excitement of holiday preparations, it never receives the notoriety it deserves. THANK YOU again Siku and to everyone who commented on the first entry. I’m honored. You’ll be seeing a lot of Oliver because he always has his big nose in everything.
You can click on the picture to enlarge it.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

It's All About ME !!!

My Mom expressed no initial interest in getting a dog, but when she saw all 2lbs. 4oz. of little adorable puppy me, she immediately fell in love and has been following my directives ever since. She even considered dying her fake blonde hair white, so we could be look-alikes. As for my Dad . . . I am the smile on his face and the song in his heart. He is known as Mr. Lexus or Dada.
I own his house.
I was born on December 24, 2005, but my life really began 8 weeks later when my family adopted me. I was the "the single frosted cupcake in the box of jelly doughnuts" and completely irresistible AND the liveliest one of the bunch. Be careful what you wish for . . .
Being a *Hearing Eye Dog*, I am Head of Security and take my position as a 24/7 Doorman seriously. I guard the house as if I were paying the mortgage. I can detect sounds from far away and have a vicious bark which emits a high decibel level of noise pollution and unleashes a reign of terror throughout the neighborhood. My bark is heard and feared by everyone and I'm always in an "alert and responsive" mode.
My pet peeves (no pun intended) include: Anyone coming to my door . . . People and dogs walking in front of my house . . . Kids on bikes and skateboards . . . Delivery trucks . . . Neighbors . . . Birds and squirrels . . . The Geico Gecko and cats on television.

When I was a puppy, before I discovered the art of exuberant barking, we all went to doggie-friendly Monterey and women absolutely swooned over my Dad holding little adorable puppy me. (He became a real "Chick Magnet".) Now since I'm a bit rambunctious, I'm taken out in a doggie stroller. I really growled, snarled and barked my head off the first time we went strolling on the main street in downtown Morgan Hill. People had some nerve - trying to look at me. All that pandemonium didn't seem to bother my Mom. Sometimes I wonder about her. She appears so normal when you first meet her . . .
Enough about me - Here's my brother. Mom calls us Da Boyz ~~ she's from Jersey.

Hi - I'm Oliver ~~ I'm a ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and consider myself royalty. I should be referred to as *His Majesty*. Cappy has made it known that this is HIS Blog and I’m being included just because he’s so nice. It's fine with me - let HIM do all the work.

I was his Barkday/Christmas present - 12/24/2008. It took 6 months before he FINALLY started to appreciate me. I really can't blame him for his initial aloof behavior. He had made it known that he was the *Queso Grande* of the house, but I nevertheless barged in and attempted to take over. Poor guy ~~ I commandeered all his toys, demanded attention, gobbled up his food and constantly grated on his nerves. Unlike me, he is an uppity persnickety dog. I am extremely enthusiastic about everything and everyone. Now that I've become less turbulently active and he's mellowed a bit, there is some degree of amicability between us.
I lead a *Hallmark Life*.
I still devour Cappy’s food every chance I get. We have to be fed separately in different rooms with Mom’s eye constantly on me.