Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rain, Rain, GO AWAY . . . Please

It has been raining for sooooo long here in Morgan Hill that we've lost count of the days of precipitation.  Mom had actually considered the idea of having retractable awnings installed for the back of the house to shield us from the elements when we need to go outside.

We have been totally bored - look at our faces.  I'm wearing my usual scowl when circumstances are not up to my high expectations and Ollie (who usually looks adorable all the time) has been transformed into a dog with a face that 
Only a Mother Could Love.

All of our creative ingenuity is zapped and we can't wait to go to the Doggie Park and frolic in the sun.

Mom, the Pollyanna, attempted to help bring out positive energy  by hanging out this outdoor flag, akin to an Indian Rain Dance in reverse.

As of this writing, there might be a glimmer of hope, I actually saw parts of a blue sky and white clouds on my evening walk.

Happy Sunday Everyone !

Monday, March 7, 2011

Car *Browsing*

On Saturday, Ollie and I saw the *Eskie Bag* on the counter along with water and treats and really got excited.  Hooray - another trip to the park!

However, all hopes were crushed when Dad pulled into the Nissan Dealership. 

Mom, who drives a perfectly functional 1999 Buick Century (the Rolling Dumpster)  with only 36,000 miles, absolutely loves the anonymity of driving such an outdated vehicle. (It's a real hoopty.)   So far, no speeding tickets or Traffic School attendance -- no one would even consider stealing it -- and if people felt sorry for her, they could  always stick a dollar on the windshield wiper.  Mom was NOT looking to buy anything !

However . . .  she had seen the Nissan Cube, was fascinated with the quirkiness of the design and  wanted to test drive it.

We all had a good time at the Nissan Dealership.  While Mom was test driving the car, we left a LOT of pee mail in the parking lot and I barked at everyone who approached us. 
  I decided that we needed a truck in the family rather than a cartoon car. Ollie and I agreed that a Dodge Ram fits our personality  ~~ good looking and rugged.
No sales anywhere ~~ another setback for the economy.

Ollie thoroughly enjoyed the open air car ride back home . . .
. . . and we were . . .
Two Exhausted Boyz.

Have a GREAT week everyone !