Friday, July 9, 2010


Hi Everyone. My name is CassaNOVA,  I'm Capppy and Ollie's nephew from Michigan. My Uncle Cappy has graciously turned over his blog to me until he can post with new pictures.  I live with my pawrents and sister, Sadie Mae.

My Grandma is visiting here from California.  She is one busy person. She had been visiting her Mother in New Jersey and flew here to visit.  She actually packed EVERYTHING in one carry-on.  It boggles my mind  how she did that because she is VERY high maintenance.

She brought us dog bones and stuffed animals.  The stuffed animals didn't stand a chance with Sadie and me.
A couple of chomps and they were totally de-stuffed.  Apparently Grandma didn't know us very well.  She does now.

These bones got Grandma in big trouble at Newark Airport Security.  Even though all the carry-on stuff was packed according to TSA regulations, the dog bones scanned suspiciously.  Everything had to be re-scanned and Grandma got a wand scan.  She thought it was hilarious. I guess it's not the norm to carry Jumbones in a carry-on.

As you can see, I have a sinfully handsome face, a captivating smile and I'm very photogenic . . .

I have a great profile and . . .

 I'm a snappy dresser ~~ don't I look as if I should be on the cover of GQ ?

Here's me as a puppy.  Who could resist that face?

This is my sister, Sadie Mae.  She's camera-shy and runs ~~ it's difficult to photograph her.  Grandma tried repeatedly and ended up getting pictures of her butt.  She's a good kid as far as sisters go.
Mom is going to California with Grandma for a week and then flying back to Michigan.  Sadie and I are going to hang out with Dad and turn this place into a true Animal House.  Mom runs a tight ship, but Dad is pretty cool.