Saturday, May 29, 2010

We're Baaack . . .

I told Mom that I'd better start posting SOON before I'm considered a *deadbeat blogger*.

Our Pawrents went Cancun  (Secrets  Maroma) and we stayed at the Animal Care Center *Doggie Motel* and spent some time with our sister.  Mom had to make 30 sandwich bags of our food.  She started early in April, cooking  vegetables, rice, pasta, organic chicken franks, pot roast, chicken, London Broil and froze everything.  It would be easier if we ate dog  food, but I don't think that's ever going to happen.

I think she got a little carried away with the labeling.

We were in a state of indignation when we realized that we were going to be caged up

It actually wasn't so bad.   There was a lot of activity during the day and plenty of new people to bark at and annoy. We were given lots of excercise and play time.  The doctors were always there and the caretaker crew stayed until 10:30 PM.  By that time, we were thoroughly exhausted and ready to sleep.

The vacation pictures are still in the process of being put together in an album, but here are some random ones:

This little guy seemed to be all over the place, but perhaps he has has a very large family.

The view from the room balcony.

Even though the resort was all inclusive and you could eat and drink 24/7, Mom still had to get some additional pasteries after breakfast for "the trip back to the room".  Heaven forbid that stomach should ever be empty.

White sand *sugar* beach.
Bathtime was the first item on the agenda when we returned.

It's good to be home !!!

We hope that everyone has a great Memorial Day Weekend.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

On Vacation

Ollie and I have some serious blogging to do next week.  Our pawrents are in Cancun and we've been staying at the Animal Care Center *Doggie Motel*. We wanted them to stop over and see Lorenza while they were in Mexico, but they didn't have her address.

Our sister finally rescued us for the weekend and now we're vacationing in San Francisco.

We're expecting lots of treats and presents for our inconvenience.