Friday, May 13, 2011

Ollie's Vet Visit

"Hey Mom, where are you taking my brother?"
Poor Ollie was due for a V-E-T visit.  
Nothing serious, just a routine shot and checkup.
I felt sorry for him, but I was secretly glad that I 
wasn't the one going.

Here's Ollie patiently waiting for the Doctor.
He was told that the Doctor would be with him in "just a few minutes" because she was finishing up a procedure on another animal.

Ollie is not one to miss an opportunity to catch some Zzzzzzzs.

 and so . . .

Being the womanizer that he is, he stated that his Doctor was definitely worth waiting for - Ollie is partial to redheads.

However, this was what he REALLY thought of the whole ordeal.
Thanks to everyone for their doggie healing vibes for

Have a great weekend!