Saturday, April 3, 2010


We just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Easter and hope that all your baskets are filled with goodies.

We haven't been blogging (or even checking blogs) for a while. My sister bought an apartment building and Mom has been busy helping her with the cleaning and painting of the units. 

Next week, we should be out in full force. I haven't even properly acknowledged my awards or passed them on. 

Hugs and yips
Cappy and Oliver


Teddy Bear said...

Happy Easter, Cappy.:)

Teddy Bear

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

Mom sounds like she has been REALLY busy. I hope you and Oliver have been giving her lots of extra cuddles at the end of the day. We will be glad when things calm down for your family and we can read your blog regularly.

Kim and Shar said...

Hey Cappy - we miss you! You and Oliver come back soon, ok? Maybe mom can leave the computer on the floor for you so that you can post your own messages?? HA! My mom just said "not a chance", but I thought it would be fun to ask!