Sunday, November 20, 2011

Good Golly Little Ollie - WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?

 Poor Ollie - he had been sick as a dog, so off  he went to the V-E-T.  After a thorough examination,  the diagnosis was that  he had urethral prolapse.
        The following day (Tuesday),  he had surgery. His doctor recommended that neutering would help to alleviate the problem before it escalated to the really serious stage.
Tuesday was a LONG day for me.  My pawrents gave me extra treats, walks, hugs and reassurance and I was anxiously looking forward to having him back home.

However . . . I certainly wasn't prepared for this.  When I saw him stagger (from medication)  into the house, his cute face surrounded by a *lampshade*,  I was petrified and lost my composure.  
 For me, this was a natural reaction because I am afflicted  with fear aggression and that sight made my fur turn even more white.  Who was this strange dog ???
Ollie has been on bed rest, is still on medication and even has a soft blue collar for bedtime.  He's almost back to his normal (annoying) self.
I finally got accustomed to seeing his face in a collar.   We're all just grateful that he's mending nicely and we will have another reason for which to be thankful on Thursday.



Casper said...

owh poor Ollie. it is up to you to take care of him Cappy.

hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving, too!!!

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

Oh my dogness! Poor Ollie! We send powerful White Dog healing energy to Ollie and soft woos of comfort to you Cappie...we pray he mends quickly and completely so there is no more cone, no pain, and no chance of a reoccurence. Meanwhile, everyone should enjoy a few extra treats and lots of extra cuddles.

Prints the Cat said...

Oh poor Ollie! The condition doesn't sound fun. I hope he is A-okay now.

I don't think I'll show this post to my PapaCat. He would probably get squeemish.