Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day To Our Mom

From Ollie and me, here is a 
Mother's Day tribute 
to our Mom.
Even as a baby, it was obvious that she had always 
belonged to the *Clean Plate Club*.

She is still the *Little Chubbs*

Here's everything you didn't know about Marcy and really didn't care to know,  but anyway  ~~~ here it  goes:
She epitomizes the phrase "A body in motion tends to stay in motion."  Isaac Newton 's First  Law of Motion.
She never sits still.
She is a supreme clutterer.  Think Oscar Madison  and the Collyer Brothers

The last words that she ever wants to hear is when Dad says, “We have to get rid of some stuff.” Or, "We have to clean out the garage."  At that point, there's a good possibility that she might go into cardiogenic shock.   
 Always wanted to be a flight attendant (as in the short-lived series, Pan Am on ABC) but she couldn't meet the height requirements. She's too petite - short (as in *fun size*). 
  5' nothing, but strong as a Polish bull.
She has  been married to our Dad (who has survived with grace and a lot of patience) for 38 years.  
Pope Benedict XVI and  Pope Francis I have nominated him
 for Sainthood and he had received the (Marriage) Purple Heart for their 25th Anniversary.
She's a cheap date and is by no means a gastronome  Dinner at Costco ($1.50 for a hot dog and a soft drink) is just as appealing as dining at Gary Danko's Restaurant
in San Francisco.  
Enough said. No refined palate here.

Her cooking leaves a lot to be desired.  When she freezes leftovers for my sister, Jessica, Mom thoughtfully attaches a Prilosec tablet to the meal with a warning.  "Take the Prilosec, or eat this at your own risk."
LOVES to do laundry, ironing and mending and delights in de-fuzzing sweaters.    Seriously --  Leave your pants at the door. (Or to Jessica, "Give me your laundry and no one gets hurt.")
Regretfully, she had to trade in her beloved 1999 Buick Century  (aka the *Hoopty*) with 46  K miles. It was otherwise known as the *Rolling Dumpster* and *Postal Annex*.  She absolutely loved that car, but it was slowly falling apart.  Upon the advice of a trusted mechanic,  she finally realized that it would never make the drive to Southern California without having 
extensive, expensive repairs.

An ideal day for her would be to eat, read, watch crap TV, snack, nap, crochet and check out blogs.  Mom would certainly be a *Happy Camper* in a retirement home.  

She is an honorary member of  the yarn SABLE group, Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy.
This is only part of her stash - the part that Dad is aware of.

Favorite vocal artists:
 Adam Lambert, Barry Manilow, and Frank Sinatra
   Strange assortment - go figure.

Absolute all time favorite song:  Trashy Women (Confederate Railroad)
 . . . and (of course),  Who Let the Dogs Out? 
In her declining years, she has become a little less outrageous, 
but is still *The Marcy*.
She would love to have the bouffant hairstyles of the 60s and 70s back in style.  ("Hey Mom, you still look like that!")

Does Preventative Worrying and always has Plan B and a  hard copy of EVERYTHING.
Mom and I (Cappy) are Capricorns. We're both short, obstinate, ornery, VERY vocal,  bold, temperamental, suspicious of everyone and everything.  We do not understand the meaning of ‘obedience’ and always like to get our  own way.
We're both very apprehensive to venture outside of our comfort zones.  We don't  think outside of the box.  
We'd rather stay INSIDE  THE BOX.

Mom and I also share positive attributes.   We’re both: agile, petite and highly intelligent. We have great legs, do not smell (American Eskimo dogs do not have the *doggie smell*),  have a cuteness overload and love to nap and eat.

When something is written through the mind and eyes of a dog, it is called  Anthropomorphism
This post has been written written by Cappy 
and his partner-in-crime, Ollie.
Note from Marcy:  I thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with Cappy and Ollie on this post. They have both taught me so much about life and love and 
what is really important in this world

I don't think of Da Boyz as dogs, but rather as *little people in furry suits*.

I seem so normal when you first meet me. 

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers and Grandmothers of
the canine, feline and human variety.

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Siku Marie, White Dog said...

You Boyz have the most perfect and wonderful mom ever! She is pretty, she is smart, she is caring, she is talented, and she know how to enjoy the best in you and your dad (and treats)!

Your mom and dad have been married just a little longer that ours (34 years) so we well understand that such success reflects on your entire family...where would they be without you both?