Monday, February 8, 2010

Name Calling

Due to  “technical difficulties”, I haven’t been blogging for a while. Thankfully, the Geek Squad didn’t have to pay us a visit.
Anyway, here I am . . .

It wasn’t commonly known (up until now), but my real name is Casper.  It was shortened to CaspA, and finally Cappy.  Mom calls me KooKooKooRoo, Chompers, Little Fluffy One, Barky and Mr. Cranky Pants.  (Oliver is Sneaky Pants.)  On occasion, I'm also called Bop Bop.

Now, if I hear “CasPER”, I know I'm in Big Trouble.

In addition to all this name calling, Mom always says, “Cappy looks like he should have been named . . . Sanchez, Blizzard, Auggie the Doggie, Tyrone, Cornelius_______ _______ .” YOU fill in the blanks.

She used to call me Choo-Choo-Bones, but thank goodness I stopped looking like a “Choo-Choo”.

This is my Choo-Choo Face

I  should  have been named MANFRED – as in  “Mighty Manfred, the Wonder Dog". Even as a puppy, I was already showing signs of greatness.
Poor Oliver isn’t immune from all this name calling.  Some of his nicknames were MochieMan, Snort and Puddles. He was almost named Mochie (that’s cute) or FARNSWORTH (???).  In addition to Oliver (or Ollie), he’s now called Pidgeon which evolved from smidgeon – because he was such a “smidgeon” of a puppy.

This is Oliver's "Mochie" Face.
Now Mom decided that I look like an *Eddie*.  Eddie Haskell? Eddie Munster?
What about *Izzy* ~~ as in *Izzy Adorable* ??? (Yes I am.)
This is my "Eddie Face". 
As for my Mom, she answers to the name of "Chubbs" and she actually likes it.


Digby and Prinnie said...

Oh Cappy, thank goodness that brother and I aren't the only ones with lots of names. Mom and Mommy have lots of nick names for us too (some cute, and some not so much) and I thought we were the only ones with so many names. Eskie Hugs, Prinnie

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

I know when mom says Siku MARIE I am in trouble but she and dad have all kinds of nicknames for me too...and now I have Michael adding nom de plumes like Sweetie and Angel (which are both better than Fluffy Butt which is what dad calls me when I block the TV)!

Prints the Cat said...

Haha, Cappy! Oh so many names for all of you. I think it's funny how your Mom calls you CasPER when you are in BIG Trouble!

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