Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Dad took a vacation day and was attempting to assemble his workbench in the garage  He said that he needed a workbench because he had to "cut a piece of wood".   Yeah, right !!!  

Ollie and I decided that he needed a LOT of help, so we stepped in to supervise and to add our expertise.

Click on this picture to enlarge it and you'll learn the proper way to hold a screwdriver.

Notice our *laser eyes* and heads full of knowledge.
After all of  our suggestions, barking, yipping and yapping,  Dad determined that he needed solo concentration ~~ and so we were banished to the confines of the house.

Do these look like happy faces?

Apparently the Deities decided that Dad did need help and he received it in the form of two stray dogs who trotted into the garage. 

Helpless Dad called Mom  who took charge of the situation.  After establishing  that the two canines were friendly, she was able to read the tags on the collars and left  a voice mail for the owner who responded about 15 minutes later.  

The dogs' pawrent was shopping  in the next town about 45 minutes away and she still had to pick up her son from school.  The family only lived a block away and it was baffling  how the two escape artists were able to get out of a securely fenced-in yard.

The dogs, Allie and Luna  stayed with us for about an hour and a half and Mom was in doggie heaven.  New dogs to spoil.


Allie and Luna together. Allie is the black Lab and we're not sure of Luna's breed.  Gracious hostess that she is, Mom provided water and wholesome doggie treats for the unexpected guests.

Here's Mom and Allie . . .
Allie and Luna were finally reunited with their frantic and grateful family and we were rewarded with a lot of treats for sharing our family with them.  It wasn't easy on MY part - Ollie was more accepting.
Note to Mom - Please don't even THINK about establishing a Doggie Day Care Center.

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Teddy Bear said...

Wow, what a fun day. We hope your Dad finished his work bench. Allie and Luna are crazy that they escaped and stayed together. We're so glad your Mom found them.:)

Teddy Bear

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

Sometimes dads can be so stubborn about wanting to do things THEIR way on their own! Go figure. Mom was very nice to watch over Allie and Luna until their family came...without her intervention they might have gotten hurt or lost. Stay warm and safe, my friends.

Lorenza said...

Sorry your Dad did not appreciate your help!
I am sure he could finish it sooner if he had let you help him!
Allie and Luna are very cute!
Glad they came to your house and your mom took good care of them!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Kari in WeHo said...

So sorry that you guys were banished! I bet you would have been great helps had he just listened