Saturday, October 6, 2012


That's it !!!  No more traveling for our pawrents unless we get to accompany them on their trips.

Ollie and I agreed  to do *Guard Duty* to ensure that no more suitcases leave from the second story under our watchful eyes.
 Ollie, the sluggard, disappeared for yet ANOTHER water, potty and snack break.

* * * 

Mom had been in Michigan for ten days to see Lauren and the family.  We lucked out on that one 
because we stayed with Dad.  He's fairly conservative, so there was no rendition of Animal House at our house.

Then we delighted in four days at the Dog House Inn while Mom and Dad went to Southern California for another wedding.*
Canopies were added to the outdoor play areas which Ollie and I enjoyed.  We didn't use the pool facilities -- it was too much like taking a voluntary bath. 
While in Southern California, Mom and Dad continued their search for a new home.
Mom (sadly) cancelled the contract on the 

San Clemente house.
  (It was the only house that she would have left the Morgan Hill house for.)  Unfortunately it had severe structural damages on one side and it was recommended by the home inspector that a construction engineer do a more 
thorough evaluation.
So . . . it's back to the drawing board.

* The wedding was absolutely beautiful and was performed by a mutual friend of the couple. A little research was done   and it was discovered that according to California law, anyone can officiate at a wedding if certain requirements are met.

Mom stated that if she had known this information previously,  SHE would have 
married Lauren and Dave.   Ollie and I can't even imagine trying to wrap our heads around that idea.

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Siku Marie, White Dog said...

Hurrah! Everyone is back! Sounds like good things have been happening...except with the perfect house that wasn't perfect. We are sending WDA positive thoughts that just the perfect place catches your fancy (maybe theyought to take you and Ollie along to look)! Just thinkin....