Wednesday, May 8, 2013

We're HOMELESS !!!

We have been homeless since March 20th. Our pawents had put our house up for sale again 
and this time it sold.

All of our things are in storage and we have been staying at a Marriott Residence Inn in Southern California.

We  FINALLY did find a house after weeks of searching. 
The closing is around May 28th which means more time to enjoy the amenities of the Marriott.
Surprisingly, we're all getting along within the confines of a 494 square feet studio suite.
Mom, who prefers not to go out of her comfort zone and likes to NOT venture *outside the box*,  is adapting rather well and will soon be putting down a welcome mat, buying houseplants and hanging a wreath on the door of room 712
for the remainder of our days here.

Upon arriving at the Marriott, Ollie and I immediately made ourselves at home.

Besides looking at houses and still more houses,
 we've been thoroughly enjoying ourselves. 
There was a new Bark Park to explore . . .
Laguna Beach

Petco  We really felt at home there.

Hanging out at the pool . . .

Eating at pet-friendly restaurants . . .

Of course, life hasn't been all fun.  Ollie and I have been diligent in our guard duties and it has been
 positively exhausting.

Finally . . . welcome rest for he weary.

Up until a few days ago, the "free" internet had
 left a lot to be desired.  Mom became exceedingly frustrated trying to log on.  Connections were constantly being *timed out*.  Pictures were impossible to upload.  She was immediately thrown off from websites whenever a connection was made. It was akin to the eternal waiting with the old AOL dial-up.
A lack of technical savvy on Mom's part undoubtedly was a 
contributing factor. We're now up and running and hoping for better days.

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ra husky said...

Hawooo little mates! I've never stayed in a hotel, looks like quite an adventure though. Can woooos get cookies from room service BOL!! Hope effuryone enjoys their time and wooos get moved into woos new house soon. Play bows,